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What's the Difference Between FR-4, G11, G10?

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This article introduce the difference between FR-4, G11, G10 epoxy board.

What is G10 Epoxy Board?

G10 is a glass fiber and resin crushing composite material, meaning that the fiberglass contains 10% of it. G10 materials are insulated, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. G10 is a composite material made of fiberglass cloth and epoxy lipids, originally developed as a material for aircraft, can withstand great force without damaging deformation. G-10 will not be infiltrated by water, liquid, with insulation, acid-resistant characteristics, weight is not heavy. G-10 than ZYTEL hard, the price is also more expensive, generally have black, red, blue, green and other colors, some G-10 has two levels of color at the same time, G-10 texture and performance are better than ZYTEL.

Features: Insulation, corrosion resistance, wear-resistant
Purpose: Can be used as a tool holder.
FR-4 epoxy glass fiberboard (epoxy plate), the main material for imported semi-curing tablets, color has white, yellow, green, room temperature of 150 degrees C still have a high mechanical strength, dry state, wet state electrical performance is good, flame retardant, for electrical, electronic and other industries insulation structure components, the use of imported raw materials, Domestic press espresses and standard technology carefully manufactured, the main specifications are 1000 x 2000 mm 1020mm x 1220mm, because there are the advantages of raw materials, to ensure high quality and low price, timely delivery, at home and abroad have a solid customer base, and enjoy a high reputation.
Features: with high mechanical performance and dielectric performance, better heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good machining.
Application: Motor, electrical equipment as insulation structure components, including a variety of switches FPC reinforcement electrical insulation carbon film printed circuit board, computer drilling pad mold treatment equipment (PCB test frame) and can be used in wet environmental conditions and transformer oil.
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G11 epoxy plate is an imported electrician with alkali-free glass fiber cloth immersed in imported epoxy resin', and add the corresponding imported flame retardant 'adhesive and other additives; Flame retardant class UL94-VO class 'good mechanical performance at high temperature' has good processing performance and insulation performance.
Features: Good processing performance and insulation performance.
Application: Is the motor, electrical equipment to do insulation structure components commonly used raw materials 'G11 epoxy insulation plate can also be used in wet environment and transformer oil 'high-voltage switch' high-voltage switch.
Here u can know the difference between FR-4, G11, G10 epoxy board, when you choose the epoxy board.