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What is Transformer Comprehensive Performance Test Bench?

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Here introduce us about the transformer comprehensive performance test bench, and the test parameters of the machine.

Every time after the finished product of the customer's transformer is finished, we will do the transformer performance test for the customer, use the transformer comprehensive performance test bench, and invite the customer to come over, or we will provide the customer with a test report. So what is the comprehensive performance test of the transformer? What parameters can it test the transformer?

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I. Overview
Transformer comprehensive performance test bench is a special test equipment for measuring transformer, no-load short circuit, transformation ratio, DC resistance, voltage insulation and control.
The system adopts fully automatic computer control, which can display the transformer's primary voltage, current, power, secondary voltage, withstand voltage, current, DC resistance and other parameters.
Wide linear range, good reading repeatability and stable performance.
Working conditions
Ambient temperature: 0-40 ° C
Relative humidity: 20% -50%
Working power: 220V, 50Hz
Fourth, test parameters
1. Resistance test (main (A) phase, sub (B) phase, main (C) phase)
a), range 0 ~ 2000.00Ω
b), automatic temperature compensation
c) Test method: Four-terminal method
d) Test time: 0 ~ 99S (can be set)
2. Withstand voltage test
a) Test voltage: 0 ~ 5000VAC
b) Leakage current: 0 ~ 20mA
c) Test time: 0 ~ 99S (can be set)
3.Insulation resistance test
a) Test voltage: DC500V / 1000V
b) 、 Test range: 0 ~ 500MΩ
c) Test time: 1 ~ 99S (can be set)
4. No-load test:
a) Primary test voltage: AC0 ~ 500V
b) Current test range: 0.6mA ~ 2000mA
c) 、 ​​Power test range: 0 ~ 1000W
d) Secondary test voltage: AC0 ~ 500V
e) Secondary test current: 0.6mA ~ 2000mA
f) Test time: 1 ~ 99S (can be set)
These data are the key parameters of the transformer. He can help customers judge whether the finished transformer meets their requirements and give a paper tube data report.