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What is the Product Features of FR4 Epoxy Sheet?

time:2020-01-02 14:24:52 Author:

Here we introduce the what the product features of FR4 Epoxy Sheet are, color diversity,fire rating,strong insulation,high-quality practical,etc.

It is well known that FR4 epoxy sheet are widely used. Many customers need to use FR4, but few know what the product features of FR4 Epoxy Sheet are? Many customers have asked us this questions. Today we talked about it.
FR4 product features:
1, Color diversity of FR4 Epoxy Sheet: compared to 3240 yellow, FR-4 has white, yellow, water green, black color to choose from. And the surface is smooth and free of bubbles, beautiful appearance.
2, Fire rating of FR4 Epoxy Sheet: UL94V0, the highest level of fire prevention. Unlike the general fire rating, the UL94V0 has achieved the effect of fire retardant. Can be able to burn the material after a short period of self-extinguishing, for the safety of life and property escort.
3, Strong insulation of FR4 Epoxy Sheet: FR-4 natural insulation performance is very strong, in the dry state and wet state, electrical performance is still very good, is the best choice for high-end electrical insulation.
4, High-quality practical of FR4 Epoxy Sheet: in the face of different circumstances, FR-4 still has a good adaptability. This applies to either minus 100 degrees C or a high temperature of 130 degrees C.
5, A wide range of applications of FR4 Epoxy Sheet: because of the high-quality performance of FR-4, coupled with strong plasticity, it is widely used in electrical and electronic insulation, as well as aircraft, moving cars, transformer insulation plate, precision star wheel and so on.
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