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Reasons for fan failure of air-cooled dry distribution three-phase transformer

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Air-cooled dry distribution three-phase transformer is a fan failure, there are four reasons: 1. Dry distribution transformer cooling fan design reasons 2. Dry three-phase transformer cooling fan installation and maintenance reasons 3. Three-phase distrib

Air-cooled dry distribution three-phase transformers are a kind of transformers commonly seen in our daily lives. It mainly adopts two methods of natural cooling and fan cooling. If the fan fails, the temperature of the transformer will increase, which will affect the performance and safety of the dry distribution transformer.
air-cooled dry distribution three-phase transformer
 Wind-cooled dry distribution three-phase transformer fan failure, there are four reasons:
1. Reasons for the design of the cooling fan of the dry distribution transformer: improper design, poor dynamic characteristics, unreasonable structure of forced vibration and self-excited vibration during operation, approaching or dropping the critical rotation speed zone of the stress concentration design, thermal expansion calculation Correct, leading to the deterioration of the manufacturing of thermal alignment, poor processing of parts, poor quality of parts, poor quality of materials, insufficient strength, manufacturing defects, and dynamic balance of the rotor are not in line with technology.
2. Dry-type three-phase transformer cooling fan installation and maintenance reasons: improper installation of the machine, parts are misplaced. The geometric parameters (fitting gap, interference, relative position, etc.) are not adjusted properly, and the pipeline stress is large. Changes in dynamic characteristics and installation accuracy during mechanical operation, improper long-term rotor placement, and changes in motion balance accuracy have not been maintained in accordance with regulations. The quality and precision of the machine are both original. Loss of containment.
3. Three-phase distribution transformer cooling fan operation: engineering parameters (medium temperature, pressure, flow, load, etc.) deviate from the design value. The operation of the machine is abnormal. The machine runs at overspeed and overload speed. This changes the behavior of the machine. The operating point is close to or falls to the critical rotation number area, poor lubrication or cooling. Part of the rotor is damaged, scaling does not work, stops, and the rotation speed rises or falls appropriately. Insufficient preheating, uneven thermal expansion, or long residence time in the critical area.
 cooling fan of the dry distribution transformer
4. Air-cooled dry-type transformer cooling fan machine aging reasons: long-term operation, the rotor deflection becomes larger, the balance deteriorates. The rotor is partially damaged, detached or broken. Wear, corrosion and corrosion of parts. The deterioration of the force of the mating surface leads to insufficient interference and slack, destroying the mating performance and accuracy. The settlement of the mechanical foundation is uneven, and the outer shell is deformed.
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