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Why choose VPI dry power transformer

time:2020-06-02 18:29:23 Author:

6 advantages of VPI dry power transformer, low loss, good power saving effect, flame retardant, explosion-proof, pollution-free, maintenance-free

 In our daily life, there are two common transformers: dry-type transformers and oil-immersed transformers. In crowded places, we generally choose dry-type transformers. Why choose VPI dry power transformer

epoxy cast dry power transformer

1. The dry power transformer has low loss and good power saving effect, which brings economical benefits in operation.
2. Flame-retardant, explosion-proof, non-polluting, maintenance-free, can be dispersedly installed in the load center, reducing investment cost and saving costs.
3. The partial discharge is less than 10PC, the coil does not absorb moisture and dust, has high mechanical strength and good reliability.
4. The VPI power transformer is short circuit resistant and has good resistance to lightning strikes.
 VPI dry power transformer
5. The shell is made of stainless steel, cold plate and aluminum alloy. The type is divided into wind type and heat dissipation type. The inlet and outlet lines can be up and down, down and up and down and down and out.
6. VPI dry transformer can be equipped with temperature control and temperature display system according to user needs, and can be used in conjunction with temperature control system.
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