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10KV level Epoxy Resin Cast Dry Type Transformer SC(B)、SC(B)11-30~2500

10KV level Epoxy Resin Cast Dry Type Transformer SC(B)、SC(B)11-30~2500

Epoxy resin cast dry type transformer are widely used in local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, terminals, CNC machinery and other places. Simply speaking, dry-type transformers are transformers whose cores and windings are not immersed in insulat

Product Details

Safe and Environment friendly Epoxy resin cast dry type transformer:
1. Reduce environment pollution of dry type transformer
2. Zero leakage risk of oil or pollutants
3. Non flammable,self extinguishing
4. Strong anti short circuit ability
5. Strong seismic ability
6. Less space required
7. Strong overload ability
8. Maintenance free
Epoxy resin cast dry type transformer Matched Standards:
1. National Standard of China GB1904.11-2007”Power Transformers”
2. International Electro Technical Commission Standards IEC 60076-11”2004 “Dry Type Transformers”
3. German Industry Standard DIN EN 60076-11:2005 “Dry Type Transformers”
Latest Development: latest trend and latest Epoxy resin cast dry type transformer:
1. EEC SG15 Transformer is one series of excellent products with higher insulation and heat resistand level(H Class).It provides you longer insulation life and higher overload capacity,and it adapts the most optimum design for higher energy efficiency grade.
2. EEC Hi-Dry Transformers,this new type high efficient products was made from elaborate design,it has lower loss rate and excellent efficiency, and it is the ideal choice for customers who need to evaluate the overall environmental influences and total running cost.
Product Features of Epoxy resin cast dry type transformer:
In virtue of the coils sealed by epoxy resin, this series of products is fire retardant, fireproof, and explosion-proof and it possesses properties including maintenance-free, non-contamination, and small volume. It can be assembled at the load center directly. Besides, due to its scientific and reasonable design and casting process, the product has small quantity of partial discharging, low noise, strong heat dissipation capability and it is able to run for a long time with 140% rated load under the forced air cooling condition. In addition, this product is equipped with intelligent temperature controller that can achieve centralized monitoring and control.

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