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How to Choose A Right Mine Explosion-Proof Transformer?

time:2019-12-26 11:32:55 Author:

Here introduce us that how to choose a right mine explosion-proof transformer.

Mine explosion-proof transformers are suitable for explosion-hazardous places with coal gas and coal dust in coal mines.But how to choose a right mine explosion-proof transformer? There are many types of this transformer. What factors need to be referenced when purchasing?

1. Before purchasing, estimate the total capacity of the electrical appliances you are using, and choose a transformer with a considerable capacity to ensure that the transformer will not be damaged during instant startup.
2. When you use a multi-winding (multi-control voltage) transformer, the capacity should be increased according to the voltage ratio to avoid burning the transformer.
3. Before installation, you should carefully check whether the data listed on the nameplate meet your requirements, and confirm that it is correct before installing and using it.
4. After power-on, it is normal for the transformer core and coil to generate heat (but the temperature rise does not exceed 80 ° C). If the temperature rises above 80 ° C, or even smoke is generated, the power switch should be turned off and the capacity of your electrical appliance rechecked.
5. During transportation, avoid collision as much as possible, and do not get wet. When using, please pay attention to maintenance to protect the life of the transformer.
This is all factors need to be referenced when we choose the mine explosion-proof transformer. We can help you.
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