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What is A Phase Shifting Transformer?

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Here introduce us that what is a Phase-shifting transformer and the working principle of Phase-shifting transformer.

What is a Phase-shifting transformer? The Phase-shifting transformer is a type of rectifier transformer. The single-phase conduction of the rectifier device causes distortion of the alternating magnetic field waveform of the rectifier transformer; the magnitude of the distortion is determined by the ratio of the DC capacity to the grid capacity and the frequency of the harmonic current flowing into the grid, and the number of harmonics. One of the effective ways to suppress harmonics is to phase shift the high voltage side of Phase-shifting transformer. This method can basically eliminate the lower harmonics with larger amplitude.

Phase-shifting transformer

Under normal circumstances, as long as a set of rectifiers has two Phase-shifting transformer, the equivalent 12-phase system is used. Because this system does not require special phase shifting, as long as the connection mode of the winding is changed, when the DC capacity is large, A rectification system with an equivalent of 18 phases or more is used. IGBT is equivalent to the role of thyristor, used in the rectification system, control on and off, does not control the phase.
The working principle of Phase-shifting transformer:
To say that the words are relatively white, the secondary winding of the transformer is tossed, and the phase shift is realized by different connection methods of the secondary winding. You can find professional information to understand. For a phase shifting transformer with a more complicated Yanbian triangle connection, it is a connection between the triangular winding and the star connection.
Phase-shifting transformer
Obviously, the primary side of the transformer selects different phases for connection, and with the different wiring methods for the secondary coil, the phase of the output voltage can be changed as needed.
Now you know what is the Phase-shifting transformer, next we introduce you what is the working principle and application scenario. Wish can help you.