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Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer

Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer

Voltage: 10KV and below voltage levels

Capacity: 315, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600kva
Type: Phase Shifting Transformer
Phase: 3 pha

Product Details

Phase shifting rectifier transformer is a kind of rectifier transformer. Rectifier transformers are power transformers for rectifier equipment. 

Technical Data-ZPSG Type Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer
Rated Capacity
Rated Voltage Output Voltage×
Group Number
Phase Shifting Angle Insulation Grade Reference Dimension
Reference Weight
315 6KV+5%
or 10KV+5%
690V×15 or others 0°,12°,24°,36°,48° 
or others
H Class 1480×820×1340 1320
400 1480×820×1420 1500
500 1530×820×1510 1750
630 1530×820×1580 2100
800 1590×940×1650 2450
1000 1680×920×1760 2950
1250 1710×920×1765 3400
1600 1780×940×1870 4250

Principle of Phase shifting rectifier transformer:

The single-phase conduction effect of the rectifier device causes the distortion of the alternating magnetic field waveform of the rectifier transformer; the magnitude of the distortion depends on the ratio of the DC capacity to the grid capacity, the frequency of the harmonic current flowing into the grid, and the number of harmonics. One of the effective ways to suppress harmonics is to phase-shift the high-voltage side of the rectifier transformer. This method can basically eliminate low-order harmonics with large amplitudes.

Application of Phase shifting rectifier transformer:

Rectifier transformers are widely used in various industries, mainly divided into lighting, machine tool appliances, mechanical and electronic equipment, medical equipment, rectifier devices and so on. Product performance can meet various special requirements of users.

The electrochemical industry is the industry most commonly used for rectification. Electrolyzed non-ferrous metal compounds are used to produce aluminum, magnesium, copper, and other metals; electrolytic salt is used to produce chlor-alkali; and water is used to produce hydrogen and oxygen.

Advantages of microcomputer protection device for Phase shifting rectifier transformer:

1. It can meet more than twenty kinds of protection for inventory preparation, and meet users' requirements for different electrical equipment or circuit protection.

2. It can be used to configure the corresponding protection according to the actual operation needs, and truly realize the "customization" for users.

3. Custom protection function can realize the special protection not provided in the standard protection library to meet the user's requirements to the greatest extent.

4. The various protection functions are relatively independent, and the protection setting, realization, blocking conditions, and protection throwback can be independently set and formulated.


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