Phenolic Resin VS Epoxy Resin

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Phenolic Resin VS Epoxy Resin

Time: 04-15 2022    Auther: Ztelec group

Phenolic Resin VS Epoxy Resin   1. What are they?   Phenolic resin and epoxy resin are two major resin...

Phenolic Resin VS Epoxy Resin

  1. What are they?

  Phenolic resin and epoxy resin are two major resins used in industrial production. They are indispensable materials in insulation production.

  Phenolic resins are used in different applications such as circuit board production, billiard balls, laboratory countertops, coatings, adhesives, and other molded products. In contrast, phenolic resins are low cost and ideal for stable use and frequent cleaning. Also, it has a lead time or duration of about 4 to 6 weeks. This material also has some moisture resistance.

  Epoxy resin is also a popular choice in insulation sheet production. Epoxy resins are a class of reactive prepolymers and polymers containing epoxy groups. This material can react either with itself (through catalytic homopolymerization) or with other co-reactants such as multifunctional amines, acids, phenols, alcohols, and thiols to form crosslinks. We commonly refer to these co-reactants as sclerosing or therapeutic agents.

  2. How do we use them?

  Some of the products we sell used phenolic resin as raw materials. For example, Phenolic Cotton Laminates. cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin, and laminating them under heat and pressure in round-shape mold, also know as thermoset, then we get phenolic cotton laminates sheet.

  The epoxy resin has many different applications, including coating applications, adhesives, composite production, industrial tool applications, bonding substrates to glass or carbon fiber fabrics to produce composites with high strength and weight properties, and more.

  We can use epoxy resin to produce G10, FR4, FR5, and so on. Take FR4 as an example, It is a plate-like laminated product formed by electronic grade fiberglass cloth impregnated with epoxy resin and fire retardant under hot pressing.

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