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Bakelite sheet manufacturer engineer contact

Time: 12-14 2020    Auther: Ztelec group

Judging the quality of a product is nothing more than to see whether it satisfies people's needs and caters to...

Judging the quality of a product is nothing more than to see whether it satisfies people's needs and caters to the development of the market. For example, in China can make it convenient for people to shop without leaving home. People think it is good. What is the bakelite sheet good for? I think there must be a reason. So I collected some information and made the following summary.

There are many choices for people

With the development of the society, people are not limited to whether the performance of the product meets the demand, for its appearance is also very concerned. And the color of bakelite sheet has coffee, black, yellow, orange. And the thickness specification range is also very wide, generally within the range of 0.5-3mm. This allows people to choose the right colors and specifications for their equipment.

Good insulation

Bakelite sheet is used as insulation structure parts in motors and electrical equipment with high mechanical performance requirements, and its natural insulation performance must be good. Vertical layer direction electrical strength KV/m is 12.1; Parallel layer breakdown voltage is KV 10.

High bonding strength

Bakelite sheet has a bonding strength of about 3600N, so the internal forces between the molecules are low. The sheet is not easy to delaminate, and the structure is relatively tight.


The water absorption rate of bakelite sheet is close to zero. Generally less than 1.5. This is not only convenient for people to store, but also makes the insulation performance of the bakelite sheet even better.

Good heat resistance

The maximum temperature endurance value of bakelite sheet is 140 degrees, it can reach 300 degrees in short time. And it has good physical and chemical properties under high temperature conditions. The bakelite sheet is not easy to deform. This prevents a lot of surface fading, cracking, and layering.

Outstanding wear resistance

The wear-resisting performance is good, which brings economic benefit directly and it reduces the costs.

No need for regular testing

The bakelite sheet is used for electrical and electronic equipment insulation parts, and it does not need regular testing. This saves a lot of manpower and material resources, which improves production efficiency.

So above is some of the reasons why the bakelite sheets are good. Its advantages go beyond that, of course. If there is something you are not clear about, welcome to consult ZTelec Group, the bakelite sheet manufacturer.

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