Handling of transformer gas alarm

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Handling of transformer gas alarm

Time: 07-30 2020    Auther: Ztelec group

In order to ensure the safe operation of the transformer, maintenance is required in all aspects. If not, it will ...

In order to ensure the safe operation of the transformer, maintenance is required in all aspects. If not, it will cause a major accident.

Since the specific gravity of gas is lighter than transformer oil, the gas moves to the upper part of the transformer and is stored in the upper part of the gas transmission (the position of the oil can be seen from the glass window to drop. It means that there is gas). In addition to confirming that there is no problem with the transformer body, the exhaust valve (rotary) on the upper part of the gas connector is used to exhaust until the gas is filled with oil.

For safety reasons, it is better to vent when the transformer is cut off. If it becomes empty, please strengthen the inspection of the monitoring panel of the transformer and the instrument to prevent other situations from happening.

The following is how to deal with a gas alarm in a transformer.

(1) As long as there is gas protection action, a transformer fault should be found.

(2) When there is no obvious abnormal operation of the transformer at that time, the gas in the transformer can be further analyzed to confirm the nature of the fault.

(3) When taking gas from a transformer, operate after a power failure. Drainage can be used to bring the gas into the test tube.

(4) According to the color of the gas and the ignition test, observe whether there is gas, and judge the fault location and nature.

(5) When the reason for the gas protection is unknown, a simplified test should be carried out like the transformer oil to further confirm the integrity of the transformer and confirm whether there is a voltage drop or oil flicker. If there is no problem, please further check whether the secondary circuit of the gas protection is caused by the malfunction of the gas protection.

(6) When the heavy gas of the transformer is running, the circuit breaker cuts off the circuit breaker. After confirming that the transformer is not faulty, the switch cannot be closed again to transmit power.

(7) In the event of a major transformer failure, immediately report to the relevant leader to confirm whether the transformer is replaced or repaired. Propose specific measures to adjust transformer load and anti-accident measures to prevent similar accidents.

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