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FR4/G10/G11 insulation sheet manufacturer

Time: 03-30 2021    Auther: Ztelec group

The role of FR4/G10/G11 insulation board, as the name implies, is a board with insulation performance. The purpose...

The role of FR4/G10/G11 insulation board, as the name implies, is a board with insulation performance. The purpose is to use safe electricity. Insulation board, also known as insulating pad, insulating gasket, insulating blanket. Insulation pad is widely used in substation, power plant, distribution room, laboratory and field live operation. So do you want to know more about the insulation board?

The specific role of FR4/G10/G11 insulation board:

1. FR4/G10/G11 insulation board is made of insulating material, used to isolate the electrical parts, and restrict workers from approaching the insulation sheets with high voltage live parts within the range of movement.

2. In order to prevent the isolating switch latching failure or the isolating switch pull rod pin falling off automatically and misclosing the isolating switch, the insulation board is commonly used to isolate the static contact of the high voltage isolating switch from the moving contact.

3. When the busbar is live, if the branch circuit breaker is outage maintenance, the insulation board is placed between the gate of the isolating switch on the busbar side of the circuit breaker to prevent the blade from automatically falling due to mechanical failure or self-weight, which leads to the mistransmission of power to the outage maintenance equipment.

Application of FR4/G10/G11 insulation board:

1. Electronic protection paste: Polyimide high temperature protective tape is especially recommended for SMT temperature protection, electronic switches, PCB board gold finger protection, electronic transformers, relays and other electronic components that need high temperature and moisture protection.

2. Electrical insulation wrapping: FR4/G10/G11 insulation board can also be used for H motor and transformer coil insulation wrapping with high requirements, high temperature resistant coil end wrapping and fixing, temperature measuring thermal resistance protection and other bonded insulation under high temperature working conditions.

3. The metal material is protected by high temperature spray painting and sandblasting. After baking at 310℃/1h, it is easy to peel off and leave no glue residue.

Above is the detailed introduction of FR4/G10/G11 insulation board, I hope to help you to some extent. ZTelec Group is the insulation board manufacturer, if you want to know more related information, please contact me.

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