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Time: 07-30 2020    Auther: Ztelec group

Introduction of EPGC202/FR-4: Epoxy glass fiber cloth laminate sheet is a hard plate insulation material made ...

Introduction of EPGC202/FR-4:

Epoxy glass fiber cloth laminate sheet is a hard plate insulation material made of alkali free glass fiber cloth soaked in epoxy resin by hot pressing. IEC standard is subdivided into EPGC 201, EPGC 202, EPGC 203, EPGC 204, EPGC 306, EPGC308, etc. NEMA (National Electrical Industry of the United States) standards are divided into G10, FR-4, G11 and FR-5, etc.

EPGC202/FR-4 epoxy sheet have the following characteristics: good electrical performance in high humidity environment, good mechanical performance at medium temperature, voltage resistance, flame retardant (FR series) and stable product quality, etc. It can be processed into various parts and components by means of lathe processing, stamping, trimming, drilling, sandblasting, grinding, saw and milling.

Epoxy fiberglass laminate sheet is widely used in motor, electrical equipment, circuit breakers, switch cabinets, transformers, DC motors, AC contactors, explosion-proof appliances, star wheel, low-voltage electrical insulation baffles, etc., electrical, electronic, automotive industry and other fields.

Product application of EPGC202/FR-4:

Application in frame circuit breaker: safety baffle, safety shutter, spacer gasket, interphase baffle, etc.

Application in molded case circuit breaker: interphase separator, tripping plate, etc.

Application in motor: motor armature parts, movable cover, groove wedge, fixed mat, thin gasket, carbon brush seat, etc.

Application in medium and high voltage switching equipment: front end, back end, top end, bottom end of separator system, interphase separator; Structural supports for switches and transformers, bus splints, etc.

Application in distribution cabinet: partition board, lining board, connection board, interphase insulation board, bottom partition board, contact support.

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