Does FR4 laminate epoxy sheet belong to composite material?

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Does FR4 laminate epoxy sheet belong to composite material?

Time: 03-09 2021    Auther: Ztelec group

FR4 laminate epoxy sheet is a kind of high polymer that can be used in medium temperature environment. It is also ...

FR4 laminate epoxy sheet is a kind of high polymer that can be used in medium temperature environment. It is also a typical insulating material. Its primary component is epoxy resin, so it generally will have thermal deformation at high temperature of 180 ° C. In order to ensure its integrity, it is generally not heated together with other metals.

In addition, you have to pay attention to whether it is toxic. Although the raw materials used for manufacturing itself is not toxic, whether the produced products contain toxic is associated with manufacturing process. When epoxy resin is used to make various products, other substances or solvents may be added to it, which changes the properties of epoxy resin itself and then produces toxicity.

Epoxy resin of fr4 laminate is generally used together with additives. According to the difference of its additives, we can judge whether fr4 material is toxic. The main additives of epoxy resin are curing agent, modifier, filler, diluent, etc., which determine whether the product can be formed and solidified.

Therefore, for the fr4 epoxy sheet, it can not be confused to determine whether it is toxic. According to the different manufacturing process, the different added substances and the different qualifications of glass epoxy fr4 manufacturers, the quality of fr4 sheet is not the same. In the actual purchase, we should carefully check the FR4 product specification or material datasheet, to see if there is any special substance used, and also need to pay attention to the qualification of the manufacturer.

It is well known that glass epoxy fr4 is a commonly used insulating material, which can be processed into transformer accessories, switchgear insulation parts, electric furnace insulation parts and semiconductor insulation parts.

Is FR4 sheet a composite material?

Today we are going to talk about this problem for you. First, let's take a look at the definition of composite material. Composite material refers to a new material which is composed of two or more materials. One kind of material as a substrate, the other kind of material as a reinforcement material, the performance makes good for deficiency.

FR4 sheet does belong to composite material, its matrix material is glass fiber, reinforcement material is epoxy resin. After the glass fiber prepregs the resin, it is stacked one by one according to the specified thickness, and then it is pressed and solidified. Glass fiber alone, although strong, but easy to bend. When mixed with resin, it has a good ductility. Of course, some additives will be added during manufacturing. For example, adding curing agent can speed up the curing speed of resin; Adding stabilizer can ensure that epoxy resin will not decompose due to high temperature in the process of processing, assembly and use; Flame retardants enable the material to extinguish the fire itself.

Therefore, as a composite material, FR4 laminate epoxy sheet has good performance, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, good insulation, fatigue resistance and other advantages, and it can also work normally in harsh environments.

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