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Application Characteristics of G11 Epoxy Board

time:2020-01-16 16:19:11 Author:

Here inrtoduce the application characteristics of G11 epoxy board.

Application characteristics of G11 epoxy board: First: various forms. A variety of resins, curing agents, and modifier systems can almost meet the requirements of various applications for its form, and its range can range from extremely low viscosity to high melting solids; the second: easy curing. Various curing agents are selected. The epoxy resin system can be cured almost in the temperature range of 0 to 180 ° C. The third is strong adhesion. The presence of polar hydroxyl and ether bonds inherent in the molecular chain of epoxy resins makes them highly adherent to various substances. Epoxy resin has low shrinkage when cured, and low internal stress, which also helps to improve adhesion strength. Fourth, low shrinkage. The reaction between the epoxy resin and the curing agent used is carried out through a direct addition reaction or a ring-opening polymerization reaction of epoxy groups in the resin molecule, "no water or other volatile by-products are released. Compared with unsaturated polyester resins and phenolic resins, they show very low shrinkage (less than 2%) in the curing process; the fifth is mechanical properties. The cured epoxy resin system has excellent mechanical properties.