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Introduction of G11 Epoxy Insulation Board

time:2020-01-16 15:54:48 Author:

The G11 epoxy insulation board has a variety of resins, curing agents, and modifier systems can almost meet the requirements of various applications for its form, and its range can range from extremely low viscosity to high melting solids.

G11 epoxy insulation board is made of imported epoxy-free glass fiber cloth impregnated with imported epoxy resin, and added with corresponding imported flame retardants, adhesives and other additives; cardboard-like insulation material processed by hot pressing. Flame retardant grade UL94-VO grade, “good mechanical properties at high temperatures,” good processability and insulation performance, “commonly used as raw materials for insulating structural parts in motors and electrical equipment,” G11 epoxy insulation boards can also be used in humid environments and transformers Use "high-voltage switchgear" in oil, etc.
So how high temperature can the G11 epoxy board withstand? What is the breakdown voltage? Generally, it is completely possible for the G11 epoxy board to work continuously in a 200 ° C working environment. The breakdown voltage specification value is 40KV or more. The typical value is 80KV.