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Paper Product-Part 1

Time: 05-28 2022    Auther: Ztelec group

Today we are going to introduce three different paper product of our company, they are Fish paper, Kraft paper, an...

Today we are going to introduce three different paper product of our company, they are Fish paper, Kraft paper, and Crepe paper. All of them are bestsellers.

What are they?

6520 Fish paper It is a common name for cyan thin electrical insulating cardboard. It is made from wood fiber or mixed pulp mixed with cotton fiber, and is manufactured by a certain process. The commonly used colors of thin electrical insulating cardboard are yellow and cyan, and cyan is commonly known as green shell paper. Actually, we can provide different colors of  Fish paper.

Kraft paper, also known as insulating paper, is a paper with insulating properties and ash damage. Kraft paper is also called cable insulation paper. An insulating paper for high voltage power cables, control cables and signal cables.

When refer to Crepe paper, some people may think of colorful paper used for craft, but the Crepe paper I introduced is used for electrical insulation. Crepe paper is also one of the popular insulation materials. Insulation crepe paper for transformer is made of insulating kraft paper with creping. We have common crepe paper and black semi-conductive crepe paper. In addition, we can provide different type of Crepe paper, we also have Crepe paper tube and Crepe paper stripe.

Usage of Them.

Fish paper is an important insulation material in  motor production. It is always used as insulating backing paper in motors, electrical appliances, and transformers.

The Kraft paper is wrapped in the outermost layer of the cable to protect the insulating layer of the conductive core from being infiltrated, and the insulating layer will not be damaged.  Specially used in magnet wire factory, transformer factory, transformer factory, reactor factory

Crepe paper is always used for lapping insulation of oil-immersed transformer, inductor, transformer (Voltage or Current Transformer). Insulation crepe paper is wrapped on transformers, transformers, and high-voltage cables to protect the insulation layer of conductive wires from being damaged. It is widely used in transformer factories, transformer factories, reactor factories, magnet wire factories and high-voltage cable factories, for turn-to-turn insulation of wires or cables.

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