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Insufficient transformer oil

Time: 07-27 2020    Auther: Ztelec group

Harm of insufficient transformer oil   1. If the oil position drops below the oil monitoring line, there is ...

Harm of insufficient transformer oil

  1. If the oil position drops below the oil monitoring line, there is a danger of the gas protection device malfunctioning, and the oil position and oil color cannot be monitored.

  2. The position of the oil drops below the top cover of the transformer, the contact area between the oil and the air increases, the oil is easy to absorb water and oxidize, which accelerates the deterioration of the oil. When water enters the oil, the insulation strength of the winding will decrease, and the iron core and other parts will be firm.

  3. When oil leakage causes serious defects, the grounding and mutual insulation strength of the conductive parts of the transformer will be greatly reduced, and it will be easily damaged when voltage is applied.

  4. When the transformer oil cannot be immersed in the connection switch, the high-voltage winding will be short-circuited due to leakage and discharge between the joints.

  5. When the oil position is lower than the nozzle on the heat pipe, the oil cannot circulate and convection, causing the temperature of the transformer to rise and burning the transformer.

Analysis of causes of insufficient transformer oil

  1. During the inspection or test, no oil is added after the transformer is drained;

  2. The transformer has long-term oil leakage or a large amount of oil leakage;

  3. The air temperature is too low, the tank oil volume is insufficient, or the tank design volume is too small to meet the requirements of use.

Countermeasures against oil shortage in transformers

  1. When the weather changes suddenly and the temperature drops, turn off the radiator and add oil.

  2. If the amount of oil leakage is large, corresponding measures can be taken according to specific conditions and regulations.

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