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Epoxy resin board price in Pakistan

Time: 10-27 2020    Auther: Ztelec group

On August 10, Pakistan customers visited ZTelec Group and planned to conduct a comprehensive field and technical i...

On August 10, Pakistan customers visited ZTelec Group and planned to conduct a comprehensive field and technical investigation of epoxy resin board, aiming to explore how to expand the areas of cooperation of epoxy resin board between the two sides. The visit of the Pakistan customers fully indicated the brand influence and comprehensive strength of ZTelec Group in the Asian market and laid a foundation for the long-term and sustainable development of the two sides.

The Pakistan guests spoke highly of the company's development path that combines research and development with manufacturing. During the discussion, ZTelec Group leaders introduced the company's development history, core technology, corporate culture and the company's business development model in the Pakistan market. During the visit to the epoxy resin board production line, the technical personnel explained how to optimize the epoxy resin board index in detail. Quality is not only good, but also stable. Cost should not only be controlled, but also quality must be guaranteed. The delivery time should not only be accurate, but also considerably shorter. Service should not only satisfy the customer, but also the level must be upgraded. These high standards of service had impressed Pakistan guests a lot.

The Pakistan guest said that he had no doubt about the development prospect, research and development strength, production quality and supply capacity of ZTelec Group. He believed that this visit would lay a good foundation for the deep and lasting cooperation between the two companies.

Application of epoxy resin board

Epoxy resin board is suitable for electrical, electronic, motor and mechanical industries and other industries. It can be processed into various insulation accessories and insulation structural parts of equipment, and can be used in humid environment and transformer oil.

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