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3240 Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth Laminated Board

Material:alkali fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin; Color: Yellow; Specification Size:1020*2020,1220*2440(support customization); Thickness:0.5mm-200mm; Sample:Free Sample

1.Description of 3240 Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth Laminated Board

a.It is made of non alkali fiberglass cloth for electrical purposes impregnated with epoxy resin and phenolic resin under heat and hot pressing 

2.Characteristic of 3240 Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth Laminated Board

a.High mechanical properties

b.Stable electrical properties under high humidity

c.Temperature resistance ≥130℃,over grade B

3.Application of 3240 Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth Laminated Board

a.suitable for electrical, electronic, motor and mechanical industries

b.lithium battery packaging and other industries

c.insulation structural parts of equipments

d.humid environment and transformer oil

4.Why Choose ZTele Group

a.SELECTED MATERIAL:Strategic cooperation with Jushi &Sinomaadopting international standard alkali freeglass cloth.

b.STABLE AND RELIABLEPROPERTIES: Strictly control the manufacturing pro-cess and additives to ensure the density<2.1g/cm3; Applicable to more than 90% of machning and electrical requirements.

c.CLEAN & AUTOMATIC WORKSHOP: 90% processes automated, from trans-mission to edgecutting, cleaning andpackaging, so as to ensure the same quality of each batch.

d.UL,SGS and ROSH certificates are complete, and sample testing can be provided

5.Parameter of 3240 Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth Laminated Board 

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