How is the transformer cooled?

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How is the transformer cooled?

Time: 07-30 2020    Auther: Ztelec group

       Transformer coil impulse voltage distribution calculation is mainly used for core-type ...

       Transformer coil impulse voltage distribution calculation is mainly used for core-type transformer coil insulation structure design. Calculate the initial voltage distribution of the transformer coil under the step wave action and the full wave or cut wave function expression by finding the computer design and manufacturing system example of any given large transformer Impulse voltage distribution, etc., provide a basis for the design of transformer coil insulation structure.

       Stray loss calculation. As the capacity of a single transformer increases, the absolute value of the additional loss becomes larger and larger. On the one hand, the additional loss wastes energy and reduces the efficiency of the transformer; on the other hand, it may cause dangerous local overheating and cause the insulation of the transformer. Aging, endangering the reliability of transformer operation. The additional loss is mainly caused by the leakage magnetic field of the transformer in the structure.
       Therefore, the field method can more accurately calculate the additional loss of the transformer.
       Calculation of oil flow distribution. The oil in an oil-immersed transformer not only has an insulating effect, but also acts as a cooling medium for heat transfer. The heat in the transformer is mainly generated in the body. Reasonable oil circulation can slow down the aging of the transformer insulation and extend the life of the transformer. And the allowable temperature limit also affects other aspects such as the structural design, load capacity and cost of the transformer.
       The oil flow distribution calculation is mainly used to calculate the oil flow distribution in each guide coil, so that the pressure loss difference in each guide coil is limited within the allowable range. For transformers whose cooling method is ODAF, the average temperature rise of the oil, the temperature rise of the top layer of the oil, the temperature difference between copper and the oil and the temperature rise of the coil can be simultaneously calculated. For transformers whose cooling mode is ONAN/ONAF/ODAF, the copper oil temperature difference in ODAF operation mode can be calculated.

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