Application of Bakelite sheet

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Application of Bakelite sheet

Time: 03-17 2022    Auther: Ztelec group

Application of Bakelite sheet As one of the top insulation material manufacturers in China, ZTelec Group is co...

Application of Bakelite sheet

As one of the top insulation material manufacturers in China, ZTelec Group is committed to providing high-quality Bakelite sheets. Here, we are going to introduce the application of the Bakelite sheet to help you have a deep understanding.

Bakelite sheet (another name: Hylam sheet, Bakelite insulation plate, Bakelite insulation sheet ) is electrical insulation laminated material, also referred to as phenolic laminated paperboard created by bleached woody paper and lint paper and epoxy resin. Insulating impregnated paper dipped in phenolic resin, baked, hot pressed, then we got a Bakelite sheet. It has strong mechanical strength and excellent electrical insulation performance. So, high-quality Bakelite panels are not conductive.

1.Why it was widely used?

Bakelite products are the first choice for many plastic products because of their low raw material prices and excellent product characteristics.

The raw material price of Bakelite products is close to 50% of the price of ABS. Although the processing time of Bakelite products is longer than that of ordinary plastics due to heating molding, and the larger wear of molds requires higher steel, it is still the preferred substitute for many plastic parts because of its advantageous position in raw material prices.

It shows good electrical performance at room temperature, good machining performance, specific gravity 1. 45, warpage rate ≤3 ‰, with excellent electrical, mechanical, and processing properties. Paper Bakelite is the most common laminate and the most widely used industrial laminate in the world.

2.A typical application of Bakelite sheet

Bakelite Sheet is used for various application Electrical as well as mechanical, such as Electric Plug, Switches, Switchgear, Tube Light Holder, Lamp cap, Chokes, Support for Electrical Components, Shrouding, Transformers, Battery Chargers Control Panels, Bobbins, Condensor Mountings, Tap Changer, Grid cover Aramture wedges, Generator Slot wedges, Machinery, Mould.

This product is suitable for insulation structure parts in motors and electrical equipment with high mechanical performance requirements, and also can be used in transformer oil. Good mechanical strength makes it suitable for PCB industry drilling pads, Transformer coil insulation skeleton, distribution boxes, fixture boards, mold splints, high and low-pressure distribution boxes, packaging machines, combs, and so on. In motors, mechanical molds, ICT fixtures, Forming machines, drilling machines, countertop grinding pads, you can also see it.

ZTelec Group provides Bakelite board whole parts, and if necessary, you can also order processed parts. Bakelite board processing parts can be directly applied to mechanical manufacturing.

All right, these are all I want to introduce. If you need Bakelite sheets, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will introduce the production process of the Bakelite sheet next time.

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