Red Gpo3 Insulation Board Explanation on Wide Application Fields

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Red Gpo3 Insulation Board Explanation on Wide Application Fields

Time: 11-13 2023    Auther: Ztelec group

GPO-3 insulation board is also known as GPO-3 laminate. It is a rigid plate-shaped insulating material made of alkali...

GPO-3 insulation board is also known as GPO-3 laminate. It is a rigid plate-shaped insulating material made of alkali-free glass fiber mat impregnated with unsaturated polyester resin paste, and added with corresponding additives and hot-pressed.
GPO-3 insulation board, also known as UPGM-203, refers to the unsaturated polyester fiberglass felt board material, which is used for mechanical and electrical purposes. It has good electrical properties under high humidity and good mechanical properties under moderate temperatures. It is flame retardant and resistant to Excellent resistance to arc and leakage traces.
Specifications: 0.8~100mm, 914×1828mm, 1220×2440mm
Color: white, brown-red

GPO-3 insulation board electrical insulation
All electrically insulating laminates are inherently high quality insulators. According to the grade characteristics, it is widely used in electrical aspects in the field of engineering technology by taking advantage of its optimized special performance.
GPO-3 insulation board flame retardant performance
Grades 1580 and UTR are UL-rated V-0. Grade UTR does not contain halogens, and the system produces very little smoke and toxic fumes in the event of a fire.
Mechanical strength
High strength fiberglass reinforced polyester laminate will not shatter. Because of its isolating properties, rigid laminates provide structural support. Flexible laminates are available in applications with a minimum bend diameter of 19mm.
Heat resistance
Durostone ® Glastic ® laminate provides excellent protective properties and dimensional stability during heating. These laminates have UL temperature ratings in the 120-210°C electronic and 130-210°C mechanical ranges.
Easy to form
These materials can be easily processed using standard metal handling equipment. Can be stamped, drilled, machined, sheared and sanded. Grade UTR is well known in machining centers for its ease of molding at high speeds. Grade 1580 punches cleanly and quickly
GPO-3 insulation board application
Applications in circuit breakers: Frame circuit breakers: safety baffles, safety shutters, spacers, phase partitions, etc.
Applications in plastic case circuit breakers: phase partitions, arc extinguishing chamber arc partitions, etc.
Applications in electric motors: motor armature components, movable cover plates, wedge stators, fixed washers, thin washers, carbon brush holders, etc.
Applications in switchgear: front end, rear end, upper end, bottom end, phase partitions in partition systems, etc. Other applications: arc-resistant structural parts

How to distinguish real GPO-3
1. The real GPO-3 insulation board is certified by the U.S. Safety Laboratory (UL certification), so it has an independent UL identification file number. When purchasing this product, you should ask the manufacturer to provide the UL identification file number to identify the authenticity. .
2. The leakage resistance index of real GPO-3 plates can reach 600V.
3. According to international standards, the density of real GPO-3 boards is between 1.81–1.83, which does not contain fillers, which determines the reliability and stability of the boards.
A simple method to distinguish between finished and inferior products of GPO-3 insulation panels
Can be lit with matches.
1. Products with smoke and dust are inferior products. GPO-3 insulation board products have very good adhesion, and the material itself is environmentally friendly and does not produce smoke.
2. Toxic gas is produced. Inferior products generally use flame retardants to achieve flame retardant effects, so they produce pungent poisonous gas when burning. As the flame retardant evaporates, the performance of the product also decreases. It cannot be used in environments where people come into contact or in hot environments.
3. Combustion stratification. Due to the irregular structure of the glass fiber mat, the mechanical tension of GPO-3 comes from the inside. Internal stratification will not occur during high-temperature carbonization. If there is stratification during combustion, it is a counterfeit product.

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