The Difference Between Epoxy Board And Insulation Board

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The Difference Between Epoxy Board And Insulation Board

Time: 11-03 2023    Auther: Ztelec group

Insulation boards include a wide range of types, among which epoxy boards are one of them. How to better distingui...

Insulation boards include a wide range of types, among which epoxy boards are one of them.

How to better distinguish various grades of boards in the epoxy board family? Domestic epoxy boards are usually divided into: 3240 epoxy boards and fr4 epoxy boards. The materials and production processes used are also different. Below is the explanation of Suri Electric You explain the knowledge of epoxy board.

1. The common name of 3240 epoxy board is: 3240 epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminate. It is made of electrical glass cloth soaked in epoxy resin, dried and hot pressed. Epoxy resin generally refers to organic polymer compounds containing two or more epoxy groups in the molecule. Except for a few, their relative molecular mass is not high. The molecular structure of epoxy resin is characterized by active epoxy groups in the molecular chain. The epoxy groups can be located at the end, middle or in a cyclic structure of the molecular chain. The cured epoxy resin system is an excellent insulating material with high dielectric properties, surface leakage resistance, and arc resistance. 3240 epoxy board is widely used in machinery, electronics, and electrical applications. Suitable for mechanical, electrical, electronic, electrical appliances and other fields. It is also used in the processing of insulation parts and processed into various types of insulation accessories. Equipment insulating structural parts.

2. The main material of fr4 epoxy board is imported semi-cured sheet, with colors including white, yellow and green. It still has high mechanical strength at room temperature of 150℃, has good electrical properties in dry and wet states, is flame retardant, and is used in electrical and electronic applications. Insulating structural parts for industries such as others are carefully manufactured using imported raw materials, domestic presses and standard processes; the main specifications are 1000*2000 mm 1020mm*1220mm. Because of the advantages of raw materials, high quality, low price and timely delivery are guaranteed. It has a solid customer base at home and abroad and enjoys a high reputation. fr4 epoxy board has stable electrical insulation performance, good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, and standard thickness tolerance. It is suitable for products with high performance electronic insulation requirements, such as FPC reinforcement boards, PCB drilling pads, and glass fiber mesons , potentiometer carbon film printed glass fiber board, precision planetary gear (wafer grinding), precision test plate, electrical (electrical) equipment insulating stay partition, insulating pad, transformer insulating plate, motor insulation parts, grinding gear, electronic switch Insulation panels etc.

3. 3240 epoxy board and fr4 epoxy board are widely used in various industries. They allow customers to better choose the board that suits them without requirements, and have better choices in terms of product quality and product cost.
The above three types are all fiberglass boards
Usually the epoxy board on the market is phenolic epoxy, the yellow one, which is generally not used as a base material for hard circuit boards and is used for electrical insulation purposes.

FR4 is a NEMA standard pure epoxy sheet. The normal color should be dark green, which is the color of epoxy. There are also yellow ones. Generally speaking, the yellow FR4 is called yellow material, and the white (green) one is called white material.

FR4 is more expensive than epoxy board, and the price of fiberglass board cannot be confirmed.

Epoxy fiberglass boards are widely used in many industries, including electronic PCB, hardware processing, and electrical equipment applications.

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