Insulation paper used in transformer

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Insulation paper used in transformer

Time: 10-16 2020    Auther: Ztelec group

The reason why insulation crepe paper is used in transformer is that insulating crepe paper can form an oil-paper ...

The reason why insulation crepe paper is used in transformer is that insulating crepe paper can form an oil-paper insulation combination with transformer oil. The specific requirements for insulation crepe paper used in transformers are as follows:

1. Insulated crepe paper should have high voltage resistance function to ensure good insulation performance;

2. Insulated crepe paper has relative mechanical toughness;

3. In addition to high temperature resistance, there should also be thermal insulation;

4. Insulation crepe paper used in transformer will not produce sensitive phenomena in a humid environment;

5. At the same time, insulation crepe paper must have corrosion resistance function, non-toxic insulation crepe paper;

6. Requirements on the appearance of insulation crepe paper: the wrinkling of insulating crepe paper should be uniform, without damage or selection. Meanwhile, the cutting edge should be neat and the thickness should be uniform, the paper surface should be free from any impurities, such as pinholes, water edges and pulp blocks;

7. Insulation crepe paper should be in line with the industry's corresponding latest standards.

The thickness of insulating crepe paper is 0.35mm ~ 0.80mm (±5mm).

The width of insulated crepe paper is set to 30mm and 50mm.

Insulation crepe paper is suitable for wrapping insulation of oil-immersed transformers, reactors and mutual inductors.

Design features of insulation crepe paper

Insulation crepe paper shall wrinkle evenly, and its longitudinal direction should not crease and wrinkle. Uniform color, paper surface should be flat, should not contain metal particles, coal ash, sand, dye paste blocks and other foreign bodies visible to the eyes. There should be no mold, water marks, cracks, holes and other defects.

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