Energy-saving technology of dry-type transformer

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Energy-saving technology of dry-type transformer

Time: 07-30 2020    Auther: Ztelec group

Dry-type transformers are a type of transformer with a wide range of uses. For dry-type transformers, they need to...

Dry-type transformers are a type of transformer with a wide range of uses. For dry-type transformers, they need to change to technical, functional and market performance. Its functions and usage are relatively rich. In order to integrate dry-type transformers with social life and the general environment, energy conservation is also urgent for dry-type transformers. Today's dry-type transformers already have energy-saving products and performance. Dry-type transformers do this in terms of energy saving:

1. Ideal operating load: Normally, the operating load of the power transformer is ideal at about 60~70Se. At this time, the transformer loss is small and the operating cost is low.

2. Ideal power factor: Improving the power factor of the power grid is conducive to the economic operation of power transformers.

3. Lower the operating temperature of power transformers: Every time the temperature rise of power transformers exceeds 8°C, the service life will be reduced by half. If its operating temperature exceeds the allowable range of transformer winding insulation, the insulation will deteriorate rapidly, and even cause winding breakdown and burn the transformer.

The energy-saving characteristics and related steps of dry-type transformers are introduced to you above. For dry-type transformers, we must continue to enhance its performance and various advantages, so that dry-type transformers can play a greater role. The purpose of using dry-type transformers, with the development of economy and society, the energy-saving technology of dry-type transformers will also be further improved!

The above is a summary of how to improve energy-saving technology for dry-type transformers. I hope to help everyone.

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