A comprehensive introduction to epoxy tubes

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A comprehensive introduction to epoxy tubes

Time: 04-30 2021    Auther: Ztelec group

Today I want to make a comprehensive introduction to its overall performance of electrical laminated epoxy tube. I...

Today I want to make a comprehensive introduction to its overall performance of electrical laminated epoxy tube. I hope to help you understand the epoxy tube.

First, let's have a brief understanding of the concept of epoxy tube.

In fact, the epoxy laminated tube does not have much difference with the epoxy board, but also it is made of the electrical non-alkali glass cloth soaked with epoxy resin by baking and hot pressing. It has a lot of models, generally including 3240, FR-4, G10, G11 four models. Their performance is in an increasing relationship. Generally, 3240 epoxy tubes are suitable for electrical and electronic equipment under medium temperature conditions. The G11 epoxy sheet is the best, with a thermal stress of up to 288 degrees.

Next, I will do a detailed explanation about the functional characteristics of epoxy tubes.

The epoxy tube has high mechanical strength, dielectric property and good machinability. It is generally applicable to transformers, motor, engines, high-speed rail and other electrical equipment.

Finally, I will do a brief explanation to the appearance of the epoxy tube.

The appearance of epoxy tube is relatively smooth, no bubbles, oil stains, it feels very smooth. And the color looks very natural, no cracks. Epoxy tubes with wall thickness greater than 3mm are allowed to have end faces or sections that do not hinder the use.

At present, the processing technology of epoxy tube includes four forming methods: dry coil, wet coil, extruding and wire firing. These four forming methods are very mature in our factory, and the processing technology is very advanced. We have always been adhering to the "quality is the lifeblood" principle, now it has been recognized by a lot of consumers. If you can't find the right epoxy insulation tube or epoxy winding tube manufacturer, please come to ZTelec Group to have a look, I think we will certainly let you have an unexpected harvest!

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