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Why do some epoxy resin sheet products need impregnation paint for molding parts?

Time: 2021-01-20 17:32    Auther: Ztelec group

Epoxy resin sheet products molding parts; After paint impregnation, it can improve the heat resistance, thermal conductivity, the dielectric strength; Do you know why? Follow me to get the answer.

Epoxy resin sheet products molding parts are widely used as the insulating parts of motor and electrical appliances. It has the characteristics of heat insulation, high voltage resistance and wear resistance. And some customers need to impregnate the epoxy resin sheet products molding or processing parts, do you know why? Today we're going to tell you the reason.

Small and medium-sized motor winding insulation (insulation structure) is composed of various groups of electromagnetic wire, slot insulation, phase insulation, inter-layer insulation, slot wedge and binding fixed insulation. Due to the needs of coil manufacturing and wiring and other processes, each component is assembled by independent parts, it is a loose assembly before insulation treatment. After the impregnation treatment of insulating paint, a certain amount of insulating paint and glue are filled to the inner layers, turns and slots of the windings, so that the insulation of the whole winding is bonded into a whole. The heat resistance, thermal conductivity, dielectric strength, mechanical strength and corrosion resistance of environmental medium of the epoxy resin sheet products machining parts are improved.

Epoxy resin sheets production workshop

So the functions of the impregnated paint of epoxy resin sheet products molding parts are as follows:

(1) Improve the heat resistance. The impregnated paint fills and covers the insulation epoxy resin sheet products after solidification, so that the oxygen, moisture and other chemical media in the atmosphere are not easy to invade the interior of the epoxy resin sheets processing parts, thus slowing down the aging speed of hot oxygen and wet heat, and improving the heat resistance of the insulation epoxy resin sheets processing parts.

(2) Improve thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of the paint film after the impregnated paint solidification is about 5~10 times of the air, improving the thermal conductivity, making the heat of the winding conductor more easy to send out, reducing the temperature rise of the motor and electrical appliances.

(3) Improve the dielectric strength. The breakdown strength of the impregnated paint film is at least 5 times that of air, and the electrical breakdown strength of the insulating epoxy resin sheet products molding parts can be significantly improved after insulation treatment.

Breakdown voltage tester of epoxy sheets

(4) Improve the mechanical strength. After insulation treatment, the winding of motor and electrical appliance is bonded into a whole. The improvement of mechanical strength reduces the probability of damage of motor and electrical appliance caused by the relative displacement, fretting, deformation and mutual friction caused by vibration, electromagnetic force and thermal shadow during the operation of motor and electrical appliance.

(5) Improve the ability of resistance to environmental media. Motor and electrical insulation is inevitably exposed to lubricating oil, moisture in the atmosphere, a variety of corrosive gases. The intrusion of these media will accelerate insulation deterioration, expand the tiny cracks of insulation epoxy resin sheet products, dendritic aging, resulting in penetration or creeping-breakdown. After insulation treatment, the impregnation agent fills the gaps and micro-holes in the insulation epoxy resin sheet products molding parts, so that the main insulation components do not directly contact with the conductive medium, and it is not easy to immerse in the epoxy resin sheet products molding parts.

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