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Good News | Xujue Electric was approved to build "Xuchang Key Laboratory of High-performance Non-metallic Materials"

Time: 2022-12-28 11:57    Auther: Ztelec group

Under ZTelec Group Corporation, Xujue Electric was approved to build the "Xuchang City Key Laboratory of High-performance Non-metallic Materials", and the company's scientific research has reached a new level

On December 19, the Xuchang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau officially released the "Notice on Agreeing to Build 2022 Municipal Key Laboratories and Excellent Municipal Enterprise Technology Innovation Centers", and the company's "Xuchang City Key Laboratory of High-performance Non-metallic Materials" was approved formed.

The document translation is as follows:

Documents of Xuchang Science and Technology Bureau


Xu Kezi [2022] No. 72


Xuchang Science and Technology Bureau

Notice on agreeing to build the 2022 Municipal Key Laboratory and Excellent Municipal Enterprise Technology Innovation Center


The competent departments of science and technology of all counties (cities, districts), and all relevant units directly under the city;

In order to strengthen the construction of the city's scientific and technological innovation platform and cultivate various innovation subjects for continuous innovation

Ability, selected and recommended by the county (city, district) science and technology department and relevant units directly under the city,

Expert review, bureau party group research, agreed to Xuchang Longyuan Electric Power Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

17 units including the company have built municipal key laboratories, Xuchang Dongmao Foundry Technology Innovation Center

25 municipal-level enterprise technology innovation centers such as Xinxin are excellent municipal-level enterprise technology innovation centers.

The competent science and technology departments of counties (cities, districts) and relevant units directly under the municipal government shall strengthen the management of the above-mentioned technological innovation platforms in accordance with the "Xuchang City Science and Technology Innovation Platform Construction and Management Measures" (Xu Kezi [2020] No. 6)

Xuchang City High-performance Non-metallic Materials Laboratory, with its long-term technical accumulation and industry influence in the field of high-performance non-metallic materials engineering for many years, serves domestic and foreign power transmission and distribution (power generation) equipment manufacturing, electronic communication equipment and Equipment manufacturing, military manufacturing and aerospace manufacturing (domestic only), green energy, rail locomotives, new energy vehicle manufacturing, etc. provide important scientific research sites, experimental bases, and testing facilities for the development of related units and related industries in provinces and cities Center, high-performance non-metallic materials, the development of high-strength, bulletproof, wave-transparent, lightweight, rapid prototyping, recyclable and other manufacturing technologies, which are widely used in the manufacture of various military weapons and aerospace products, high-performance non-metallic materials The comprehensive performance of metal materials has a trend of catching up with and surpassing metal materials.

Xujue Electric Co., Ltd. has more than 260 employees, 18 senior experts and professors, 36 national patents and 18 national high-tech products. Its main business is research and development, production and sales of electrical insulation materials and electronic insulation materials. Materials, 5G substrate materials, insulating materials in the aerospace field, and military non-metallic composite products. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, a national "Little Giant" enterprise, an "Invisible Champion" enterprise in Xuchang City, a vice-chairman unit of the Insulation Materials Branch of the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, and one of the six largest insulation material production bases in the country.
The company has established two provincial-level insulation material engineering technology centers, and has successively undertaken a number of major provincial and municipal scientific research projects. The company adheres to the strategic development path of military-civilian integration, and is a key supporting enterprise of the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. The special insulating materials developed and produced by the company are widely used in military fields such as aerospace and shipbuilding industry. They are used as supporting equipment for Shenzhou series spacecraft, Tiangong-1, No.2 space station and Liaoning, and have received special awards from AVIC.

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