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7 steps to solve the cooling problem of box-type substation

Time: 2022-11-30 11:25    Auther: Ztelec group

This article mainly explains the function of the box-type substation and the solution for heat dissipation during the working process.

This article mainly explains the function of the box-type substation and the solution for heat dissipation during the working process.

What is the function of the box-type substation?

A box-type substation is a compact complete set of power distribution devices that combine distribution transformers, high-voltage switchgear, low-voltage switchgear, energy metering equipment, and reactive power compensation devices in one or several boxes according to a certain wiring scheme. In this way, the purpose of moisture-proof, rust-proof, dust-proof, rat-proof, fire-proof, anti-theft, and heat-insulation of electrical equipment can be achieved.

Why does the box-type substation get hot?

Because the box-type substation integrates a variety of electrical equipment, this equipment will generate heat as long as they are running, especially the transformer windings can generate a lot of heat during operation, which directly increases the internal temperature of the entire substation.

What are the adverse reactions caused by the overheating of the box-type substation?

Although electrical equipment has a certain degree of heat resistance, if it is in an overheated environment for a long time, some basic materials such as insulating materials used in electrical equipment will continue to age, resulting in poor insulation and heat resistance of electrical equipment, resulting in more chain failures react and even damage the transformer.

How to solve the heat dissipation problem of box-type substations?

Because of the heat dissipation problem of box-type substations, we propose the following 7 steps.

1. Clean up the residual material inside the box changer in time, such as particle dust. Solve security and dust problems.

2. Strengthen the temperature monitoring of each piece of equipment in the box, and issue a high-temperature warning signal in time. In this way, once the temperature is overheated, the ventilation can be strengthened in time and effectively to dissipate the heat and reduce the temperature. It will be better if the detection system can detect humidity, voltage, current, and other data at the same time.

3. Air cooling. Air cooling is the most common heat dissipation method. The box-type substations produced by our Zhongtian Electric are equipped with exhaust fans in the transformer and low-voltage room. The transformer room has an automatic temperature monitoring system, which can effectively control the temperature in the box-type substation;

4. Do not open the door for ventilation and heat dissipation. Opening the door for ventilation will lead to the entry of dust and dirt, and will also trigger special protection, which cannot guarantee safety. For ventilation and dust prevention, these two issues affect each other and restrict each other.

5. Air conditioning cooling and cooling. Install an air conditioner for our box-type substation. Needless to say, the cooling effect of the air conditioner is much more efficient than the fan.

6. Add a layer of reflective material to the surface of the box changer shell. Another important reason for the increase in temperature in the box-type substation is largely caused by solar radiation. Therefore, it is processed on the outside of the box-type substation, and the reflective material is sprayed to reflect the infrared band in the sunlight. The internal temperature of the shell-type substation will naturally decrease.

7. Increase the capacity of the box-type substation. Considering this problem when designing the box-changing shell, the capacity of the box-changing shell is designed to be more generous, so that the space between the various internal devices is more relaxed, which facilitates the heat dissipation of the device, and can make the device better cool down, avoid The equipment is paralyzed due to high temperature.

The above is our company's solution to the heat dissipation problem of the box-type substation. Combined with the above methods such as adding exhaust fans and air conditioners, the cooling of the box-type substation can be effectively achieved and the equipment can be kept in a safe temperature range.

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