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Special Purpose Transformer Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer

Special Purpose Transformer Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer

The special purpose transformer Phase-shifting transformer is a kind of rectifier transformer. Rectifier transformers are power transformers for rectifier equipment. The rectifier is characterized by the input of the original side AC, and the secondary si

Product Details

The Special Purpose transformers also named Phase-shifting transformer is a type of rectifier transformer. The single-phase conductive action of the rectifier device causes the distortion of the magnetic field waveform of the rectifier transformer, and the size of the distortion is determined by the proportion of DC capacity to the capacity of the grid and the frequency of the harmonic current flowing into the power grid, as well as the number of harmonics. One of the effective ways to suppress harmonics is to move phase sons on the high-voltage side of the rectifier transformer, which can basically eliminate the low harmonics with large reverberated values.

Application of Special Purpose Transformers Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer:

Phase shifting rectifier transformers are widely used in various industries, mainly divided into lighting, machine tools and electrical appliances, mechanical and electronic equipment, medical equipment, rectifier suising devices. Product performance can meet the user's various special requirements.

Electrochemical industry is the industry with the most rectifier applications, electrolytic non-ferrous metal compounds to make aluminum, magnesium, copper and other metals, electrolytic salt to produce chlor-alkali, electrolytic water to produce hydrogen and oxygen.

Advantages of the microcomputer protection device of Special Purpose Transformers Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer:

1, can meet the inventory preparation has more than two dozen protection, to meet the user's different electrical equipment or line protection requirements.

2, for the root of the actual operation of the need to prepare the corresponding protection, the real realization of the user "tailored."

3, custom protection function, can achieve the standard protection library does not provide special protection, to maximize user requirements.

4, a variety of protection functions are relatively independent, protection fixed value, implementation, latching conditions and protection can be independently adjusted and formulated.


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