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Overall outgoing device

Overall outgoing device

Description of Overall outgoing device The overall insu […]


Description of Overall outgoing device

The overall insulation outlet device of ultra-high voltage AC transformer is a lead device used for the middle outlet of single-phase and three-phase three column parallel structures of high-voltage and large capacity transformers.

This product includes an equalizing tube that passes through the winding outlet, an equalizing ball set between the equalizing tube and the terminal of the wiring sleeve, and the equalizing tube and the terminal of the wiring sleeve are respectively placed inside the equalizing ball.

By connecting the connector with the fastener set inside the equalizing ball, the equalizing tube and outer paper insulation tube outside the high-voltage lead make the electric field around the lead more uniform, thereby improving the shape of the lead electrode, reducing electric field concentration, increasing safety factor, and effectively solving the outlet structure problem of the high-voltage winding of the high-voltage high-capacity transformer.

Application of Overall outgoing device

Indirect leads are suitable for insulation protection and support between the high-voltage leads and insulation sleeves of ultra-high voltage AC transformers with central outgoing lines.

Product Composition

The production of product components adopts non adhesive technology and special oil channel support.


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