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L-shaped clamp insulation parts

L-shaped clamp insulation parts

Description of L-shaped clamp insulation parts The &#82 […]


Description of L-shaped clamp insulation parts

The “L” type bracket and clamp insulation, commonly known as paper corner plate, is an ideal bracket and clamp insulation for oil immersed transformers.

It has the characteristics of good insulation performance, high mechanical strength, and easy installation,in large transformers above 110KV,

it exhibits advantages such as good straightness and less deformation, making it a product that is difficult to replace with any other material and also highly economical.

Advantage of L-shaped clamp insulation parts

Our company can provide non adhesive, casein adhesive, or phenolic paper laminated parts according to user needs.

Our company is the only manufacturer in the world that can provide non adhesive molded products for ultra-high voltage support insulation.

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