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G4 Transformer Pressboard

G4 Transformer Pressboard

Specifications: Length 960/980/1000mm
Thickness 0.5-30mm
(Special sizes can be customized)
Application: Transformer insulator, winding wire covered insulation
Thermal Level: High Temperature
Color: natural color
Maximum voltage: 20KV~100KV
Minimum order quantity: 500kg (sample testing supported)


Description of G4 Transformer Pressboard

G4 high density transformer insulating board is an indispensable medium material in the oil-paper composite cut-off structure of transformer and other transmission equipment.

It is a supporting product to realize the domesticization of ultra high voltage power grid transmission equipment.

Application of G4 Transformer Pressboard

This product can meet the insulation requirements of special parts of EHV/UHV AC/DC transformers, reactors and UHV switches.

Advantage of G4 Transformer Pressboard

1.It is preferred to import electricy-grade unbleach sulfate coniferous wood pulp produced from coniferous wood of high cold zone with high polymerization degree (DP> 1400), uniform molecular weight distribution, flexible fiber form, high purity and strong hydrogen bonding force to ensure excellent insulation, anti-aging and mechanical properties of raw materials.

2.Using pre-infiltration, isobaric, constant temperature, constant current, constant flow, constant concentration beating technology, to ensure the fiber length, hydration effect, fiber uniformity, binding force between fibers.

3.Adopt multi-stage and multi-stage high efficiency and high purity production water purification treatment system, hydropower resistance for production >

4.Using paper pulp deion treatment technology, improve the pulp purification effect, reduce ash, meet the insulation requirements. Full ceramic liner high concentration desagging system, insulation protection of the inner surface of the slurry tank, high efficiency magnetic desagging device, low concentration non-bubble desagging technology, and secondary fiber screening system, etc.

TDS of G4 Transformer Pressboard

TDS of G4 Transformer Pressboard

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