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Insulating Machined Parts

Description of Insulating Machined Parts Insulating mac […]


Description of Insulating Machined Parts

Insulating machined parts generally refer to deep-processing extended products of insulating laminated products and plastic molded products.

The typical insulating products are: insulating end coils made of epoxy fiberglass wingding tube, the insulating structural parts of coil terminal for phase shifting transformer, comb-like board made of diphenyl ether board, and wire arrangement for mine explosion-proof transformer, etc.

Advantage of Insulating Machined Parts

ZTelec Group has rich design, production and manufacturing experience in the filed of insulating materials.

ZTelec Group possesses professional integrated production workshops and processing equipments and adopts advanced mechanical processing technology so that the insulating machined parts produced have the advantages of stable performance, uniform color and beautiful appearance.

Relying on the strong production capacity of the factory, ZTelec Group can produce more than 50 kinds of insulating materials in 5 categories with complete product specifications.

In order to fully meet the diversified market demands, ZTelec Group can also manufacture customized products according to customer needs, and strives to provide customers with the best quality products and the most efficient services.

Application of Insulating Machined Parts

It can be widely used in electronic and electrical industries such as choke board, stay of dressing table and structural parts for transformer, and fixtures in electronic industry.

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