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Boao forum for Asia Manila conference focuses on "one belt and one road" and common development

On the morning of April 23, the Boao Forum for Asia Manila held a plenary meeting in the Philippines. The theme of this meeting is "Joint action for common development in the new era". Keynote speeches were delivered by Philippine Speaker, Boao Forum for Asia Director Arroyo and Boao Forum for Asia Deputy Director Zhou Xiaochuan. Former Vice Premier of Thailand, Director of Boao Forum for Asia, Mr. Suraki, Co-sponsor of the meeting, Mr. Lin Yuqing, President of the Federation of Philippine and Chinese Businessmen, Mr. Hong Bin, Vice-Director of the State-owned Assets Management Supervision Committee of the State Council of China, Mr. Guo Ningning, Vice-Governor of Fujian Province of China, Mr. Tan Hunsheng, Chargsheng, Interim Representative of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, About 500 political, business and media representatives attended the meeting.



Li Baodong said that in November 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to the Philippines, pushed forward with President Dutter the establishment of comprehensive strategic cooperation between China and the Philippines, and the friendly cooperation between China and the Philippines entered a new era. The two countries are committed to strengthening the docking of the "one belt and one way" initiative with the Philippines development plan, and promoting cooperation in economic and trade, infrastructure, agriculture and tourism. The meeting hopes to use the Boao Forum for Asia as a platform to link strong entrepreneurs from China and other countries with the Philippines and promote exchanges and cooperation between the Philippines and China.

Vice President Zhou Xiaochuan expressed his condolences to the Philippine earthquake and said that under the leadership of the leaders of the two countries, Sino-Philippine relations have been constantly consolidated and improved. President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Philippines last year. President Duthel Te will visit China to attend the second summit of the "one belt and one road" International Cooperation summit. The Boao Forum for Asia is ready to contribute to the sustainable and inclusive development of the Philippines and contribute to China-Philippines and China-ASEAN relations. At present, the world is facing a new round of transformation and globalization is facing challenges. All parties should take joint action to safeguard multilateralism and the open world economy, safeguard global trade rules and the authority of WTO, strengthen investment and interconnection in infrastructure construction, and turn the digital economy into a new engine of growth. The Boao Forum for Asia calls on Asia-Pacific economies to participate in WTO reform and negotiations on regional comprehensive economic partnership agreements, and to contribute to an open world economy. The Boao forum for Asia will continue to promote the integration of the "one belt and one way" initiative with the general plan of ASEAN's interconnection and cooperation, promote the linkage and coordinated development of the region and the world, support technological innovation and investment in human resources, and lay a solid foundation for inclusive and sustainable development.


(Vice President Zhou Xiaochuan)

On the afternoon of April 23, the Boao Forum for Asia held a symposium on entrepreneurship exchanges between China and the Philippines. Philippine Minister of Energy Guxi, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Officer of Kagayan Economic Zone Administration, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Tamaryue and the heads of organizations such as Federation of Philippine and Chinese Business Associations, Federation of Philippine Industry and Commerce, China Youth Entrepreneurs Association and DFNN Group, ASEAN Co., Ltd., Yuanda Group, China Railway Construction, Xiamen Airlines, Fujian Yiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Sanya Representatives of Chinese and Filipino enterprises such as Nanguo Industry Co., Ltd., Wuhan Beacon International Technology Co., Ltd. and Maple Leaf Forest Group attended the symposium.

In recent years, the bilateral relations between China and the Philippines, the host country of the Forum, have beencontinuously upgraded and the economic and trade relations have become increasingly close. Last year, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Philippines. The leaders of the two countries unanimously decided to establish a comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship, strengthen the docking of the "one belt road initiative" and the "great construction and special construction" plan of Philippines, and lead the bilateral relations into a new era. I hope that the Boao forum for Asia Forum Manila conference will produce pragmatic results and play an active role in the development of China Philippine relations and cooperation in the "one belt and one road" initiative.ZTelec Group is a large manufacturer of transformers and insulation materials. It actively responds to the "one belt and one road" initiative and participates in the construction of Philippines's electric power infrastructure. In the future, we will firmly grasp the new opportunities brought about by the "one belt and one road" docking in Philippines's "great construction and special construction" plan, and carry out more pragmatic cooperation in the fields of economic and trade investment, technological innovation and state-owned enterprise reform.ZTelec Group is willing to help the Philippines tell the story of economic development through this conference, and to make the strongest sound of common action and common development.  


(General manager of ZTelec Group was reporting to the Vice President Zhou Xiaochuan)


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