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The Wide Application of Polyester Film Materials

time:2019-01-03 15:43:17 Author:bianji

Polyester films are characterized by high strength, mild chemical resistance, good processing and aging resistance, and proper corona treatment.

 Polyester film is a kind of polymer plastic film, which is more and more popular among consumers because of its comprehensive performance.


Biaxially stretched polyester film (BOPET) is made of lightweight materials (also known as large optical materials, that is, titanium dioxide is added to the raw polyester chips, dried, melted, extruded, cast and stretched vertically and horizontally. The film is widely used. The uniaxially stretched polyester film (CPET for short) is made of semi-matt material (the raw material polyester chip without titanium dioxide powder), dried, melted, extruded, cast and longitudinally stretched. The film is mainly used for tablet packaging in the case of the lowest grade and lowest price of polyester film. Due to the less use, the manufacturer has a smaller production scale, accounting for 5% of the polyester film field, and our company also imports less, standard thickness. There is a 150 μm polyester film.
General purpose film. It has excellent strength and dimensional stability, cold resistance and chemical stability, and is widely used in composite packaging, photographic film, metal evaporation, recording and video recording and other substrates. It has good transparency, high rigidity, thermal stability, good surface smoothness, uniform longitudinal and transverse tensile properties, and excellent properties such as water resistance, oil resistance and chemical resistance. It is specially designed to protect the packaging of pictures, documents, documents and office supplies, so that the film is smooth and beautiful as a protective coating, which can maintain the original clarity and deformation. Polyester film
Its main features are high strength, mild chemical resistance, good processing and anti-aging properties, and proper corona treatment to make the adhesion between the aluminum layer and the film more firm. It is used for aluminum plating and can be widely used in packaging of tea, milk powder, candy, biscuits, etc. It can also be used as decorative film such as rattan crafts, Christmas trees, polyester film, etc.