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ZTELEC participates in the Uzbekistan Power Exhibition

time:2019-10-17 17:15:37 Author:

ZTELEC participates in the Uzbekistan Power Exhibition

Ztelec is committed to electric power construction to implement the strategy of developing science and technology and establishes extensive technical cooperation with many famous colleges. We are based on product quality and plan to serve the world. We are constantly striving to provide our customers with high quality, high reliability power products. We provide high-quality products and excellent services to new and old customers in worldwide with exquisite production technology and innovative work spirit.

Our group has participated in many exhibitions in the past ten years, such as the German exhibition, the Vietnam exhibition and so on. Our customers are also all over the world. This year we are invited by the Uzbekistan exhibition, we will continue to bring the discount to our new and old customers.

ZTelec Exhibition.jpg

We have fully prepared for the exhibition this time from the products, types to price concessions which are unprecedented. In order to thank the old customers for their long-term love for our group, we launched a full-scale event for customers on the spot with a total of 1000 minus 50. There are also activities such as gilt egg and pull out red packets. We look forward to seeing you in Uspenkistan. Exhibition time October 23-25, 2019. Location: Tashkent International Convention and Exhibition Center