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The role of dry-type transformers in power transmission

Time: 2020-07-30 14:17    Auther: Ztelec group

Dry-type transformers can play their role in all walks of life, especially in the power transmission industry, and these are gradually widely used today.

In some power plants and power transmission places, you can see dry-type transformers. In the process of power transmission, electrical energy can be converted into high-voltage current form, which can reduce the loss of belt energy during the transmission process and achieve good savings. The role of energy, such that some power plants far away from residents can carry out power transmission during the power transmission process.

Dry-type transformers can be used as voltage rise and fall, impedance matching, and safety isolation in electrical equipment and wireless circuits. With the continuous development of the transformer industry, more and more companies have entered the transformer industry. At the same time, transformer products are mostly used in electric power, metallurgy, textile, machinery, wind power, steel and other industries, which are well received by customers.

At present, the industry's demand for environmentally friendly electric energy is gradually increasing, and dry-type transformers play a pivotal role in the process of power transmission.

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