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Why are dry type transformers popular?

Time: 2020-07-30 13:41    Auther: Ztelec group

Because of its wide range of performance requirements, dry-type transformers have been more and more accepted by all walks of life in recent years. Several reasons are summarized as to why dry-type transformers are popular.

 Dry-type transformers are now mainly used in some high-rise buildings or subways, mainly for lighting equipment or rectifying power supplies. At present, as the market environment continues to increase the requirements for high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, this type of dry transformer has been selected by more and more industries and is widely accepted. Here are a few important reasons summarized.

  1. Dry-type transformers are mainly green and environmentally friendly. The use of new technology and new materials can save energy, reduce noise, and is also conducive to environmental protection.

  2. Safety of dry-type transformers The use of many major projects has proved that dry-type transformers are relatively safe, especially during the peak summer period. The use of such dry-type transformers has higher safety performance.Now such transformers are used in many technical, medical and production fields.

  3. Dry-type transformers are made of high-tech materials, and the research and development in capacity expansion is also excellent. Therefore, if it is used in cities, especially in cities with an expanding population, it can not only provide a stable power demand, but also ensure a certain amount of power safety.

  This is the main reason why such dry type transformers are widely used.

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