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Applications of GPO-3 sheet

Time: 2021-06-15 11:53    Auther: Ztelec group

GPO-3 grade sheet material can be widely used in circuit breakers, motor, all kinds of switchgear, and other electrical appliances.

Applications of GPO-3 grade sheet

1. GPO-3 material is widely used in circuit breakers, frame circuit breakers. GPO-3 sheet has many applications in the safety baffle, safety screen, spacer liner, and interphase baffle;

Application in molded case circuit breaker: GPO-3 sheet can be used in the interphase baffle, arc extinguishing room arc isolator and other parts;

2. GPO-3 sheet is widely used in motor, and it can be used for motor armature parts, movable cover plate, slot wedge stator, fixed gasket, and thin gasket, etc.

3. GPO-3 grade sheet is widely used in all kinds of switchgear, used in the front end, back end, upper end, low end, the same clapboard and other places of the clapboard system;

4. GPO-3 is widely used in all kinds of switchgear, such as partition board, lining board, arc cover, arc tube, arc plate, etc.

5. GPO-3 material is widely used as electrical insulation board in AC contactors, explosion-proof electrical appliances and other low-voltage appliances.

In recent years, the development of insulating materials is progressing by leaps and bounds. At present, the sales volume of GPO-3 material is particularly outstanding in the market. ZTelec Group has rich experience in processing GPO-3 grade sheet. We have professional technicians and operators, and precision CNC processing equipment, including CNC engraving machine, gantry milling machine, CNC drilling machine, etc. We can do high precision, small error, smooth surface, no burr in processing. We only need a drawing or a sample to solve your problem.

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