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Are FR4 epoxy glass boards the mainstream of transformer framework insulation?

Time: 2021-01-18 10:50    Auther: Ztelec group

FR4 epoxy glass boards, the mainstream of transformer framework insulation; Thickness tolerance standard. The surface is smooth, no uneven phenomenon.Good insulation; Why not have a look?

As the name implies, the transformer framework is the main body of the transformer and the soul of the whole transformer. FR4 epoxy glass boards, the insulating material that processes it, first of all let's look at what FR4 epoxy glass board is? What are its features?

FR4 epoxy glass board is laminated product which is mainly made of electronic cloth soaked with epoxy resin and other materials by high temperature and hot pressing. It has good high temperature resistance, insulation, dielectric, flame retardant, moisture-proof, good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, thickness tolerance standard and so on. It is the mainstream product of transformer framework processing.

Why are FR4 epoxy glass boards the mainstream of transformer framework insulation?

1. Thickness tolerance standard. Transformer framework is the essence of the whole transformer. And the transformer is the nerve center of the whole electricity, so the requirement for it is very strict. The FR4 epoxy glass boards thickness tolerance standard is suitable for high-end electronic products.

2. The surface is smooth, no uneven phenomenon. The line slots in the transformer framework provide the path for the transformer to pass the wire during the production of winding. So its surface requirements are equally demanding.

3. Insulation. Transformer framework is mainly fixed in the transformer core. So it must have good insulation. On the one hand, it prevents the disturbance of magnetic field direction due to conduction, and on the other hand, it prevents the fault caused by local current of the transformer.

4. High temperature resistance. High temperature is a necessary test for a transformer. Transformer has uninterrupted operation 24 hours a day, it will produce a lot of heat. That will accelerate the aging of FR4 epoxy glass boards materials, affect the life of materials, as well as insulation performance. The FR4 epoxy plate can withstand high temperature up to 155 degrees, and it is less affected by the environment.

5. Easy processing. Transformer framework can be processed into a variety of shapes according to the specific use of the environment, and the size of the transformer. Therefore, the requirements for easy processing performance of the FR4 epoxy glass boards materials are relatively high.

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