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FR-4 epoxy support plate used for mobile phone, tablet leather case, luggage

Time: 2021-01-15 14:25    Auther: Ztelec group

FR-4 epoxy support plate; Used for mobile phone, tablet leather case, luggage; Adopts CNC machinery,short delivery time,strict production process standards? Why not learn more?

ZTelec Group is specialized in the production and processing of all kinds of mobile phone, tablet leather case support plate (such as: IPhone, Samsung series mobile phone leather case: such as 9300 mobile phone leather case, iPad leather case), computer bags, laptop computer leather case support board, electronic products leather case support board.

Our fiberglass sheet includes: halogen-free epoxy resin board, FR4 epoxy resin board, 3240 epoxy resin board, color: white (aqua green), yellow, black. ZTelec Group introduces various professional processing FR-4 epoxy plate equipment to provide processing services for customers.

In the face of the leather case support plate processing parts on the market, the price is basically transparent. The biggest problem facing the buyers now is the delivery date. Many suppliers always fail to meet expectations, which has delayed the best delivery date!

ZTelec Group technology processing center adopts CNC machinery made with domestic advanced technology, computer automatic control. The FR4 epoxy plate processing has high accuracy, the surface has no damage or deformation. The processing surface of FR4 epoxy plate is smooth and does not prick hands, and the cutting seam is small. The FR4 epoxy plate machining parts has fine technology, high accuracy, high speed, good quality. The key point is to deliver on time, and will not delay the best delivery period. ZTelec Group uses innovative technology to make your products more perfect and delicate!

The advantages of FR-4 epoxy support plate processing:

1. Provide production according to customer drawings and samples.

2. CNC engraving equipment can provide samples immediately. Customers can try out product quality and place orders after confirmation.

3. Multiple sets of equipment are put into production, short delivery time.

4. ZTelec Group has strict production process standards, and stable quality.

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