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Electrical paper crepe paper tubes insulation explanation for transformer

Time: 2021-01-12 10:48    Auther: Ztelec group

Electrical paper crepe paper tubes insulation; Oil impregnated paper insulation,crepe paper for transformer; Dielectric properties of electrical paper crepe paper tubes. Come to view our website to learn more.

ZTelec Group is the excellent enterprises in the insulation industry, the main products are electrical paper crepe paper tube insulation, red vulcanized fibre, red steel cardboard and so on. For the series of insulation crepe paper tube, the design and quality all have high requirements.

1. Appearance: Electrical paper crepe paper tubes insulation wrinkle evenly, no folding, damage, cutting should be neat, uniform thickness;

2. The paper surface of the electrical paper crepe paper tubes insulation shall not have any impurities, pinholes, water stains and pulp blocks.

The main performance of electrical insulation paper crepe paper tubes is its insulating properties, also known as dielectric properties. The assessment of dielectric properties is mainly aimed at two aspects: on the one hand, the assessment of the material, the quality of the material itself, the formula and the degree of curing; On the other hand is the assessment of products, products design and manufacturing quality.

1. Dielectric strength: Under the specified test conditions, the ratio of the voltage at the time of insulation breakdown to the insulation thickness at the place of breakdown was originally called the breakdown strength, the unit is kV/mm.

2. Insulation resistance: under specified conditions, the resistance of electrical insulation paper crepe paper tubes between the conductors or between the conductor and the connecting point.

3. Rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage: a certain power frequency withstand voltage is applied between the two poles of the actual application of the crepe paper tubes to keep the product under this specific voltage for a specified period of time, and the insulating parts shall not break down or flashover.

4. Rated lightning shock withstand voltage: the two poles in the actual application can withstand a certain wave front time of the specified number of positive and negative polarity which is 20us and the impact voltage below. Insulation paper crepe paper tubes should not occur breakdown, flashover times should not exceed more than 2 times.

5. Partial discharge: electrical discharge in which the insulation between conductors is partially bridged. This discharge can occur near the conductor or not near the conductor (An electric discharge that only partially spans the insulation between conductor).

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