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Insulating sheet is the key to the development of electrical technology

Time: 2020-08-06 13:44    Auther: Ztelec group

The level of research and development of insulating plates is one of the keys that affects and restricts the development of electrical technology.

The level of research and development of insulating board is one of the keys that affects and restricts the development of electrical technology. From the perspective of future trends, the development of high-voltage, heat-resistant insulation, impact resistance, environmentally friendly insulation, composite insulation, corrosion resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, cryogenic resistance, radiation resistance and flame retardant materials is required to develop environmentally friendly and energy-saving materials.

Class F and H insulation series for small and medium-sized motors, such as unsaturated polyester resin glass mat plates, etc.; sulfur hexafluoride gaseous medium for high-voltage power transmission and transformation equipment; a new non-toxic synthetic medium that replaces chlorinated biphenyl; high Performance insulating oil; synthetic paper composite insulation; flame-retardant rubber and plastic materials and surface protection materials, etc., while actively promoting the replacement of traditional electrical equipment insulation materials.

(1) Insulating rod: It is made of high-quality epoxy resin pipe with excellent insulation performance and mechanical strength, light weight, and moisture-proof treatment. It has the characteristics of light weight, high mechanical strength and convenient carrying.

(2) Grip: Adopt silicone rubber sheath and silicone rubber umbrella skirt bonding, excellent insulation performance, safe and reliable.

(3) Working head: the built-in structure is stronger, safer and more reliable. The expansion connection is convenient, the selectivity is strong, the connection form is various, and it can be flexibly combined.

The insulating rod is made of high-quality glass fiber cloth, epoxy resin, 306 resin phthalic anhydride, glass fiber reinforced plastic cloth and curing agent. After the first high temperature, the shape is set on the mold for the first time. Then remove the mold and go through the second high-temperature grinding, one rough grinding, and two fine grinding. Then it is painted into other FRP products.

Beautiful appearance, light structure, convenient operation, excellent mechanical and electrical performance, suitable for use under various high-voltage conditions, good insulation performance and safe use.

High-voltage insulating rods are used for short-term operation of insulating tools for live equipment, such as turning on or off high-voltage isolation switches, dropping fuse sets, etc. The surface of the insulating rod is smooth, without bubbles, wrinkles or cracks; the bonding between the glass fiber and the resin is intact; there is a plug at the port of the hollow tube, and the joints are firmly connected.

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