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Judge the fault of dry-type transformer through various sound abnormalities

Time: 2020-07-30 15:01    Auther: Ztelec group

Under normal circumstances, there is no sound when the dry-type transformer works. If there is an abnormal sound, pay attention to and check the operation of the transformer.

When dry-type transformers are running, there is no noise at all. This is a normal phenomenon, but sometimes there will be a lot of noise, which means that you can judge whether the transformer is faulty by sound. In fact, the sound of the dry-type transformer can also be seen whether there is damage to the dry-type transformer. If there are several problems in the sound, it means that the dry-type transformer has a fault and needs to be repaired. When common dry-type transformers are running, these sound problems indicate that your dry-type transformers are already broken. Let’s take a look at them:

First, the dry-type transformer has noise. If the sound of the transformer is higher than normal and there is noise, but the current and voltage are not abnormal, it may be caused by the loosening of the clamping piece or the screw pressing the iron core, which makes the silicon steel sheet vibrate.

Second, the dry-type transformer has a discharge sound. If partial discharge occurs on the transformer or the surface, there will be a "crack" discharge sound in the sound. When this happens, if you can see blue corona or sparks near the transformer bushing at night or in rainy weather, it means that the porcelain is very dirty or the equipment clamps are in contact; if the transformer discharges, it is not Electrostatic discharge of grounded parts, or contact discharge of tap changer, the transformer should be further tested or disabled.

Third, the dry-type transformer makes a sound of boiling water. If the sound of the transformer is mixed with the sound of water boiling, the temperature changes, and the oil level rises, it should be judged that the transformer winding has a short-circuit fault, or the tap switch has caused serious overheating due to contact, and the transformer should be stopped for inspection.

And the dry-type transformer has a popping sound. If the sound of the transformer is mixed with uneven popping sound, it is the insulation breakdown of the transformer or the surface. At this time, the transformer should be stopped for inspection.

The above sound problem is a detail that cannot be ignored. Everyone should take good care of it, otherwise it will not work well. Not only the dry-type transformer is not used well, it may also shorten the service life!

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