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Cases where dry-type transformers need to be shut down immediately

Time: 2020-07-30 14:58    Auther: Ztelec group

When some emergencies occur, it will seriously affect the operation of dry-type transformers, and it is necessary to take immediate power outage as a solution.

1. The dry-type transformer catches fire, in this case, the dry-type transformer is to be deactivated.

2. After the bushing of the dry-type transformer is found to be seriously damaged and discharged, stop using it and let personnel inspect it.

3. Oil pillow and air duct of dry-type transformer.

4. Carbon content and excessive oil color change in dry-type transformer oil need to be stopped for inspection.

5. The dry-type transformer is loud and there is still noise, it should be stopped, dangerous accidents occur.

6. Under normal load and cooling conditions, the oil temperature of the dry-type transformer is not normal and continues to rise.

The dry-type transformer needs to be powered off when these symptoms appear. If the power is not cut off, it will be life-threatening and will damage the dry-type transformer. We need to solve it. If you encounter one of the above, you must handle it carefully to avoid danger!.

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