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How do dry-type transformers reduce noise?

Time: 2020-07-30 11:54    Auther: Ztelec group

When a dry-type transformer has a noise that needs to be solved, there are many ways to solve it. Let us take a look.

The noise of dry-type transformers needs to be solved. After the noise of dry-type transformers, the efficiency of dry-type transformers will be low, and the operation of dry-type transformers will have problems. Therefore, the noise of dry-type transformers must be reduced. So how should the noise of common dry-type transformers be reduced? The following are common dry-type transformers to reduce noise for your reference:

1) The door in the power distribution room is changed to a specially made fireproof and soundproof door. All windows are equipped with double-layer windows with sound insulation and heat preservation;

2) The four corners of the base of the dry-type transformer cabinet are equipped with combined special adjustable low-frequency damping shock absorber equipment.

3) At the contact point between the base of the transformer cabinet and the special noise reduction and vibration reduction device, and the contact point between the shock absorber and the ground, a layer of SD special vibration isolation pad made of special synthetic material is added, and the whole is laid for a week.

4) Cut off the noise conduction path between the cable tray and the high and low voltage switch cabinets and hangers. An open type hanger spring shock absorber is installed at the contact point between the cable tray and the angle steel hanger.

5) Between the cable tray and the control cabinet, add a layer of SD special shock isolation pads, the size is determined according to the site conditions;

6) Add a special soft-connected copper bar at the junction of the transformer and the bus bar;

7) Professional mineral wool sound-absorbing fireproof panels for walls and ceilings of power distribution rooms are sound-absorbing and fireproof. In order to solve the problem of transformer noise spreading from the air, prevent the noise from further expanding.

The main method and main steps for noise reduction of dry-type transformers are the above.

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