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What are the effects of transformer oil used by transformer manufacturers?

Time: 2020-07-30 14:56    Auther: Ztelec group

In the process of producing transformers, transformer oil will be used. What are the benefits of doing so? Let ZTelec group answer for you.

Transformer oil is a liquid medium with excellent insulating properties and is mineral oil. There are three main effects.

(1) The insulating oil of a transformer is liquid insulation filled between the ferrite core and the outer shell of the transformer. Fill the gaps between the various parts of the transformer so that there is no air in the housing of the transformer and enhance the insulation strength between the winding layers and the windings of the transformer. In addition, the insulation of the transformer winding has a moisture-proof effect.

(2) The cooling of the transformer is accelerated during operation. The insulating oil of the transformer enters the rotor shell through the temperature difference effect between the upper layer and the lower layer, forming a convective circulation of oil. The transformer oil is in direct contact with the external low-temperature medium (air) through the radiator of the transformer through convective circulation, and the cooled low-temperature insulating oil is sent back to the core of the transformer according to the circulation effect to accelerate the cooling effect of the transformer.

(3) In addition to the above two effects, transformer oil can also speed up the cut-off effect of the transformer exterior under certain special operating conditions. The transformer oil works well. When the transformer fails and generates an arc, it can accelerate the disappearance of the arc. Poor contact of the transformer switch, short circuit between windings and coils will cause arcing. At this time, the movement of the transformer oil impacts the arc, lengthens the arc, reduces the arc temperature, enhances the dissociation effect in the transformer oil, and causes the arc to quickly withdraw.

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